Be My Princess for GREE Picture Compilations

Here’s the compilation of all pictures in Be My Princess for GREE.
It’s incomplete because I just played it last November 2013 and I don’t have the money to buy lunch boxes or coins to make the missions faster 😓.

/Will update as I unlock more CGs and pictures~


Top Logo

All Characters —

“A Princely Invitation”


The scene before my eyes is like something out of a dream.

“Party Ditchers


The faces of the six princes I met at a party.

Individual Characters —

Prince Wilfred
Main Story
“Wilfred’s Eyes”


Whenever I am with you, I feel that fear melt away. You truly are something amazing.

“A Silent Moment”



“The Ultimate Dream”


It was the type of life that people everywhere have... But to me, it was the best possible dream I could imagine.

“A Prince’s Proposal”


... I love you. Will you marry me...and become the crown princess of Philip?

“A Full-hearted Smile”


I can't imagine a better way to start the morning.

Christmas 2013 Event
“looking around something”


「Princess, we finally found this.」

St. Valentines Day 2014 Event
“Heart mark of setting sun”


「I seriously fall in love with you…」


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