Be My Princess – Voltage Otome Game

So just today, I started playing the Voltage Otome Games – Be My Princess. image And as usual, I chose Prince Wilfred since he’s the first Prince who captured my kokoro in the Be My Princess GREE version. image







image image The prologue is free to read. It basically just tells how did the MC met the old man, which is later revealed as Lord Michel, how did the MC met the first Prince which is Prince Edward, and so on and so forth. In short it tell us how the luck started for our MC after bing a transferred student. To compensate for the damage that has been done in your clothes (read the prologue, again, it’s free 😍), Prince Edward invited you to be his partner in a party he will attend to. There you will meet the other Princes. image image image image image image     The introductions of the Prince   as they were called into the stage After some convos and intros, there, you are now ready to choose which route you will play. Again, in my case, I picked Prince Will because he’s my first love among the princes. 😍 image image The first story (chapter 1) is free to read, I don’t know if it’s always like this but at least if you don’t have a particular prince in mind, you can try other story and read the first chapter and see if you like his route. 😀 image There you go. After reading the first story, you are required to pay if you want to read more. It costs around $4, not sure though. It was already converted to my country’s currency when I bought it (Php150 something). The story has 15 chapters and with 3 endings – Happy, Good and Normal. Your ending, as same as all other otome games, depends on your answers. That’s why if you want to get the HE with one go just like me, I recommend you to use walkthrough. Right now I am using one from this blog: Prince Will HE Walkthrough. That’s it. Now I’ll be playing my loved prince’s route. I’ll post a separate blog entry for for Prince Wil’s route, with lotsa of screenshots and CGs. 😜


Our first encounter


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