Remembering Celebrity Darling for GREE

We all know that GREE already discontinued its service to its Voltage otome games namely Celebrity Darling, My Sweet Bodyguard and Be My Princess, just recently (November 25 to be exact). So I made this post to preserve some of the pictures and moments in each game. I will just start first with Celebrity Darling tho.


“If we can be together, I don’t care who finds out…”
When you jump head first into the entertainment industry to make your dreams come true, what do you find waiting for you?
A life-changing, non-stop scandal with the hottest boys in the business!
Your turbulent life in the industry is filled with trials—but what will be the future of your scandalous romance?
A popstar, an actress, a singer… decide which path you’ll take, and aim for the top!

 So basically, the story is about, you, the heroine/MC enters the world of show business, you then got the chance to choose if you want to be a singer, an idol or an actress. But regardless of what career you choose, you have Mr. Teppei Yamada as your manager. He is somewhat stiff and strict, but I assure you, he really cares about you and your career. (I forgot to take a screenshot wherein the MC is having a convo with him 😦 )


And we have here the sweet and caring and cute little brother of the heroine, Makoto or Mack.


Here are some pictures from PlayStore when you download the game:


PlayStore Logo

Here are the guys in the game (click or right-click then open in new tab to see the full image :)):


But we only have these guys as playable/selectable characters:

I only managed to play Haru (I’ve completed all of his route. Shows how much I love him), and Ryota (sad sad sad. I just got his Good Ending. It was rush.)

Gacha. Which obviously uses gacha points. Out of the three (BMP and MSB), gacha in Celebrity Darling costs more. One spin for the Normal, Rare and Premium is 600 and 900 for the Secret. Three times more costly than the 100 and 200 gacha points compared to BMP and MSB.


Special effects when you spin gacha:

And as you complete the gacha, then open new gacha, you then reach a certain status (so long omg).


My Stats. (I was on Ryota’s route when I took screenshot).

My Room.

Computer Graphics (CG). And now here are some CG’s I got. I can only share Haru and Ryota’s CG since I was able to finish their route.

Haru Shindo. I don’t know if it’s a bug or what but I’m sure I have gotten all of his CG. I did all of his routes (Good, Happy and Sweet) but still there’s that ‘No Image’ on his Memory Album so I’m assuming that it is for an event (which I never experienced :().

The moment I have downloaded CD for GREE, I knew it has to be him. That I should play Haru’s route first. That I should complete all of his route first. In short – it was love at first sight lmao. I love how cool he is. And how sweet he is when he fell in love (with me mehehehe). And even though I’m not into guys who smoke, bam, he’s an exception lol.


In The Passenger Seat. “I’ll never forget your humming.”


Spring On Stage. “I didn’t want to let anyone hear but you.”


Unforgettable. “Let’s be together forever and ever.”


Sweet Morning. “I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to wake up with you next to me in the morning.”

Ryota Miike. When I got to finish all Haru’s route. It was seriously difficult to choose what route to play next. I want Natsuki, but he is not available in the GREE version. And I don’t want to choose any one from Jade that time. It’ll feel like I am cheating when Haru will come out the screen lol.

Next in line are Sho and Ryota. I originally want Sho because a ‘possessiveness trait’ is screaming in his profile. I dunno why I still ended up with Ryota. But one thing I know. I seriously fell in love with him. And I’m really happy I chose him. It’s just that I only got his Good Ending. And it was a total cliffhanger. That’s why I need to play Ryota’s in the paid version :(.


Hello. “How you start is really important with stuff like this.”


Ryota’s Trap. “You didn’t realize until it was way too late!”

Messages I got.

When I was playing Haru’s route–

Messages from Ryota (He sure loves emoticons and smileys soo cute >///<)–

Fashion. Lmao I dunno what to call this but I enjoyed dressing up my avatar. She’s sooo cute. If only I have enough salary I would def buy all the cute clothes! Nyways, these are some I have. And oh, I didn’t bother to change my hair since that hair was a gift from Shindo when I completed his Secret ending teehee~ :3

Last. Some conversations with the characters:


Screenshot_2014-08-23-04-49-13 Screenshot_2014-08-23-04-49-20


I badly want his route. I want to know what kind of guy he is when he falls in love. Another thing is that he reminds me so much of Leo from KPop group VIXX!!



 And that’s the end! I hope this post made you preserve some memories when you played Celebrity Darling for GREE. Imma also play the paid version, but it’ll be the time when I get enough budget /sighs. I’ll do My Sweet Bodyguard next~ :3

Jja ne!~ ❤


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