Attack on Titan Live Action Movie Part 1 Post

The Wings of Freedom

The Wings of Freedom


This is the downside of a good manga/anime turned into live action movie, there will be, for sure, omissions, the story will be altered, there will be new characters that are not really needed (cough Sannagi, Lil, Fukushi and especially Hiana – they should have retained Connie, Annie, Reiner, Bertoldt, Ymir and Krista’s character imo). But looking on the bright side, we got to see the characters in flesh (heol Haruma and Kanata bb ♥), the epic titans, and the 3DMG (or ODMG in the movie) in live.

I just don’t like why the hell did they add that rated-18 scene like omfg is that even necessary??! And the scene wherein that Hiana girl seduced Haruma bb, I mean Eren and asked him “Would you be a father to my daughter?” Good thing she was eaten by a titan immediately lol. Orz


Omfg you fckin don’t do that bitch you are outside the wall surrounded by titans and you want to have some kinky night with Eren?!?!?! Fuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

And Mikasa. For the first half of the movie, sadly, she isn’t the badass girl we have known and loved, she acts like a girl in a shoujo manga story :(. Then bam, after 2 something years, she’s back with this Shikishima guy, Eren confronted her, then she told him how the baby was eaten that day blahblah sounding like she’s blaming Eren for what happened and accusing him of not saving her and the baby then this Shikishima guy appeared asking if he interrupted something then offered her an already bitten apple showing a romantic relationship between the two omfg just whut happened -_________- . I want my loyal-to-Eren-forever-Mikasa back!

A love triangle ...

A love triangle …?

I can't help but think that after those 2 years, Mikasa became a sex slave of Shikishima hmmm...

I can’t help but think that after those 2 years, Mikasa became a sex slave of Shikishima hmmm…

AND SHIKISHIMA – he is fangirl worthy IF AND ONLY YOU KNOW NOTHING OF LEVI’S EXISTENCE. Bye. He. Never. Can. Replace. Levi. Our. Grumpy. Neat. Freak. Heichou. /bows

A special dance number from Shikishima ....

We have a special number from Shikishima ….


Is he Ryuk of Death Note? lol

They should have also included the scene wherein Eren saw his Mom, Carla, eaten by one of the titans. That will give him more conviction on why he badly wants to kill all titans instead of the reason he just wants to be free from the walls.

Still one of the saddest scene I've seen in the anime

Still one of the saddest thing I’ve seen in the anime. Blame the hair of death >0<

I enjoyed the special effects. It was epic and entertaining.

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder.

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder.

The titans are really creepy, the setting especially outside the wall is eerie. The sound titans are making is scary.


The Titans

I love how the wall really looked real omg.

The wall up-close

The wall up-close

I still do recommend the movie. For the movie goers that have not seen the anime nor read the manga, you, for sure will enjoy it. And for the SnK anime/manga fans, just forget it for about 30 minutes and you’ll be fine :). Why for about 30 minutes only? Well, at least they adapted the scenes in the original story for the last half of the movie (where Eren saved Armin, Armin told Eren was already eaten by a titan, Mikasa went rampage, then Eren becoming a Titan).

This scene!

This scene! Omfg, this is it! /clench fist

And and and! Good job for the Eren in titan form! My friends and I are actually fangirling over him! To tell you the truth, I was really thrilled for that last half part of the movie lol. He was soo cool!!! Kyahhhh!



Even though I’m a big fan of SnK, even though there were a lot of “Whys” while I was watching, even though I literally face-palmed for some of scenes, even though said “Hit it in the nape! Don’t fkin use an axe dang!” mentally many times, still, I did enjoy the movie. And it was a good idea to watch the movie in a cinema and not just in a laptop. Because you definitely will love the effects in the big screen.

This mysterious man. Maybe he is Dr. Grisha?

This mysterious man. Maybe he is Dr. Grisha?

One of the two actors who really did portray their characters

One of the two actors who really did portray their characters: Hanji and Sasha

I ship Sasha and Armin here. Sorry, Connie! >0<

I ship Sasha and Armin here. Sorry, Connie! >0<

Aaaaand I am excited and soooooo looking forward to the part 2 of the movie! Hopefully, it will still be shown again in cinemas here in the Philippines.

End of the World

End of the World

And before I end is crappy post of mine, here are some compilation of scene comparison from the anime and the movie~

End of the World

Anime vs. Live


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