CosplayMania 2015 Neneko and Sameki Meet and Greet Madness 20150905

Last September 5, 2015, the CosplayMania 2015 Meet and Greet Madness of Neneko and Sameki was held at SM Aura Convention Center at Taguig.

These two cosplayers are from Taiwan and both are very very cute! I was starstrucked at how cute they were when they passed us by as they enter the venue.

Originally, I only attended their M&G so I could get a chance to buy Hana & Baozi’s M&G. I was one of the many people who were broken hearted when the tickets for their M&G were sold out. So I took this chance to get one. It’ll be more costly, yes but I know it would all be worth it once I have the BaoHan M&G ticket in my hands. I even went at the SM Taguig at around 9:45AM (mall opens at 10AM) so I would be the first in line to register lol.

The meet and greet session lasted for 2 hours (1PM to 3PM Manila), and I really did enjoy it. We got a chance to meet them personally, got a chance for them to sign our photocards/photobooks/and other merchandise that was sold in the venue, got the chance to ask them questions, and have a photo opt session with them!

Neneko cosplayed Hatsuse Izuna from No Game No Life while Sameki cosplayed Umi Nozomi of Love! Live!

Here are some pictures (it’s not good tho, I’m no pro :()

I so love Sameki!!


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